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UN House Scotland

provides opportunities for learning and fosters a community of engagement around UN goals and values using three primary strategies. 

Act as a bridge between civil society, Scottish Parliament, and the UN to ensure clear lines of information and stimulate two-way constructive dialogue.  

Participate in and provide opportunities for all levels of society to take part in the discussions and implementation of UN goals and values in Scotland.

Introduce new perspectives to the dialogue around UN goals and values in Scotland and act as a positive platform for the exchange of ideas.  

UN House Scotland is part of the UN Association Scotland (UNAS), a civil society charitable organisation dedicated to the mission and values of the UN. Currently, there are 7 branches of the UNAS: Aberdeen, AlloaDundee, Edinburgh, Highlands & IslandsGlasgow, St Andrews, and Stirling.

At UN House Scotland, a core team of volunteers and interns work to engage public and youth in events in support of the SDGs. This happens through frequent SDG events, conferences, seminars, and UN House Scotland internship and volunteering opportunities.

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