Human Trafficking: Forced Labor and Exploitation

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) captures the full spectrum of human rights abuses committed under human trafficking such as forced and exploitative labour of adults and children, and that includes sexual exploitation as well. Forced labour and exploitation affects all population groups and age ranges, from women and girls to boys and men. However, women and girls are slightly more at risk, with 55% of the 21 million estimated victims of forced labour being women and girls. Additionally, women and girls are predominately the victims of sexual exploitation, which accounts for 22% of all victims, according to the ILO. The victims of forced labour are frequently drawn from minorit

Unjust and Underexposed: An Introduction to Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue that affects developing and developed countries alike; the practice is found within the United Kingdom and Scotland as well. This largely hidden crime is becoming more visible as governments, leading labour organisations, and civil society groups work to combat it, prosecute those who engage in the act, and support its victims. In the lead up to the United Nations’ July 30 World Day Against Trafficking Persons, UN House Scotland aims to raise the level of awareness on the crimes of human trafficking and its illegal components, including labour and sexual exploitation of adults and children, domestic servitude, and criminal exploitation, among others. This

Reports from New York- Nuclear Weapons Ban

Friday, 7 July, gave everyone cause for celebration, not just because it was finally the weekend, but because the United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons! This wonderful step towards greater international peace and security was achieved after years of tireless campaigning which brought more than 140 states together in the negotiating rooms of the United Nations Head Quarters in New York. Last month I was lucky enough to attend the final negotiations in New York. It was extremely heartening to witness so many people from all over the world, civil society and diplomats alike, to come together and send the world a clear signal that nuclear weapons are inhumane, i

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