UNHS Statement on United Nations Day

"Today the UN continues to make a vital contribution to our collective security by providing a forum for countries to solve problems through diplomacy. It is also a lifeline for millions of people. If we are to tackle global challenges like climate change and mass displacement we need to invest in the UN. It isn't perfect but it's the best tool we've got." -Dabir Tehrani, member of UNA Edinburgh and UNA Scotland Each 24 October the UN celebrates that day in 1945 when delegates from 50 nations and from every continent convened in San Francisco to sign and ratify the UN Charter. The United Nations was born and, guided by its Charter, began the pursuit of its challenging goals: to save succeedi

An Heir to Nehru’s India

Dr. Shashi Tharoor and Atishay Mathur (with Nehru’s Biography)on October 3rd A day after the lecture on the ‘inglorious empire’ at the glorious McEwan Hall at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Shashi Tharoor participated with University academics and students in a workshop on the state of democracy in India today. “An heir to Nehru’s India” is how Dr. Tharoor addressed me at the end of the workshop. It was a rather telling statement, not least because of the biography of Nehru under my arm, but because of the Nehruvian flavour of the workshop we had both just attended. In December 1927, when Nehru (a product of Harrow and Cambridge) returned to colonial India, after nearly two years of intern

Nukewatch Warns of Nuclear Weapons Convoys Threat

The network Nukewatch concluded that Scotland is not ready for the event of a serious accident involving a nuclear weapons convoy on its roads when recently launching the ‘Unready Scotland’ report. The launch was co-hosted by Nukewatch and UN House Scotland in late September. Authors David Mackenzie and Jane Tallents went through their findings which, after discussions with all Local Authorities, Scottish Government Ministers and civil society groups, was finalised in June. The two Nukewatch representatives first reminded the audience of the long distance convoys carrying nuclear weapons must cross when transporting materials from their assembly points in Aldermaston and Burghfield until the

UNHS Partner, ICAN, Wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

View Press Release UNHouse Scotland is excited by the news that our partner organisation, ICAN, has won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize! We welcome this amazing news and also recognise the huge amount of work by ICAN in helping to shape the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). The Treaty was agreed by 143 states parties at the UN in New York in July and was signed by over 50 states on Wednesday 20 September. Numbers of states increase daily and there are now almost 100 states pledged never to own, transport, house or in any other way be in contact with nuclear weapons. This achievement is in large part due to the diligence, commitment, honesty, integrity and transparency of ICAN. We are

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