Tomorrow Never Dies: A Closer Look at Qatar's $5 billion Water Reservoirs Project

Ambitions, rivalry, and conflicts have been part of the Middle East narratives for many decades. Qatar's story, however, is entirely different. It is a small peninsula whose sole land border is with Saudi Arabia. 85 times smaller than the United States, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Qatar has been punching way above its weight in the recent years, aiming to play a prominent role in 21st-century global politics. Its media ( Al Jazeera), and airline (Qatar Airways) are well-known around the world, and it will host World Cup 2022, the first World Cup ever to be held in the Middle East. Everything seemed to be going fine for this country until the recent diplomatic crisis,

What is Climate Justice? And What is Scotland Doing About It?

On 27 April, 2018, UNHS is hosting ‘Scotland’s Path to Climate Justice’. Bringing together representatives from academia, government, activism and private sector, our goal is to get Scotland talking about what climate justice looks like in our communities, and how we’re going to get there. Unless you keep up closely with climate issues and climate policy, you might not have heard of climate justice before, or you might not be sure what it means. The image of climate justice varies from country to country, or even state to state. Described by the UNDP, climate justice acknowledges that “that because the world’s richest countries have contributed most to the problem, they have a greater obliga

President of UNA Connecticut enlightens UK colleagues about Uzbekistan

President of the United Nations Association (UNA) Connecticut, Dr. Joseph Baxer, inspired everyone when he talked about his experiences from Uzbekistan at UN House Scotland last Friday. Dr. Baxer was passing by Edinburgh on his way back to the US from, Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country. He offered to give a presentation about his experiences at an UNA Edinburgh meeting, which was held at UN House Scotland. A diverse crowd listened to Dr. Baxer’s fascinating trip to Uzbekistan. In addition to UNA Edinburgh members, a representative from UNA Westminster as well as UN House Scotland interns came to learn more about a country which does not normally receive much attention from the internati

Gallery: 'Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery In Scotland' Conference

On 23 March, 2018, UN House Scotland hosted "Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Scotland: Raising Awareness, Strengthening Collaboration, Breaking the Chains" at Scottish Parliament as a part of our 'See Me, Free Me' initiative. Below is a gallery of photos from the day, courtesy of Samantha Ku and Simen Jordsmyr. #UKhumantrafficking #humantraffickingscotland #seemefreeme #humantraffickingandexploitationact #modernslavery

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