Desk Space Available

Starting in July, UN House Scotland has desk space available to rent. Our offices have an ideal City Centre location close to Waverley Train Station, a conference room, a small kitchen, and high speed wifi. Our space is ideal for a work base for the festival. For more information please email

Let’s Put an End to the Plastic Era

I live in a coastal town and the beach is central to my lifestyle. To my great despair I often find heaps of rubbish flushed up on the beach. It is not just dead birds and crabs, but so much more human waste. In particular, there is plastic. According to NCEAS (National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis - USA) around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in our seas every year, and the number is rising. The UK Marine conservation society states that 8,5% of litter on beaches are related to items made of plastic fibres. There is plastic everywhere, and it’s difficult for other materials to compete since it is extremely useful and versatile. However plastics are made using cru

Our (Non) Nuclear Future: Good Reads Following the US/North Korea Meeting

UN SecGen Antonio Guterres Addresses the US-North Korea Meeting. Photo: UN Photo/Manuel Elias. This week the leaders of the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) met at an historic meeting. A main issue of discussion was of course the potential end of DPRK's nuclear weapons programme. Following this meeting, UN House Scotland would like to emphasize the importance of nuclear disarmament talks worldwide. As a supporter of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapon, UN House supports the disarmament of any nation, and the signing and ratification of the Treaty. We encourage learning around the dangers of nuclear weapons in terms of usage, transport, creatio

POP: Nuclear Prohibition Treaty

Since its passing in July 2017, 59 nations have signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and 10 nations have ratified it. Among them are former nuclear states South Africa and Kazakhstan, as well as European nations Austria and Ireland. The Treaty has also received overwhelming support from Central and South American nations, being ratified by Mexico and Venezuela, and signed by Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, Honduras, and more. In light of the historic meeting between the leaders of the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), UN House Scotland has distributed to MSPs a new Parliamentary One-Pager (POP) on the UN Treaty. By distributi

Sectarian Polarisation in the Middle East

Photos by Dr. Jehan Al-Azzawi 'Ancient sectarian hatreds are tropes we often come across in public discussion of the Middle East', noted Dr Jehan Al Azzawi, seminar leader of the UNHS summer course. Seminar attendees were alerted to the fact that this perspective has the effect of making conflict seem intractable. At least a conflict so appears whilst entrenched communal animosities persist.' Throughout the first session of UN House Scotland's new summer seminar series, Contemporary Political Identities in the Middle East, Dr Al Azzawi criticised the widespread perception in the West of sectarian identities being the prime factor behind political conflicts in the Middle East. As a conseque

Report: Scotland's Path to Climate Justice

Download the report. On the 27th of April 2018, UN House Scotland (UNHS)hosted the conference ‘Scotland’s Path to Climate Justice’ in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. The intention was to create an additional - perhaps alternative - narrative to that embedded in the Climate Change Bill being published by the Scottish Government. The audience was welcomed by UNHS Executive Director Dr. Gari Donn. Opening comments were given by Scottish Labour MSP Claudia Beamish. The conference programme started with Teresa Anderson, Policy and Communications Officer of ActionAid International, who discussed the Paris Agreement and climate justice from a human rights perspective. This was followed

UN House Scotland Launches Report on Football and Modern Slavery

After a long process of research and writing, UN House Scotland could finally launch its Football and Modern Slavery Report on 23 May. The Report, titled ‘Football and Modern Slavery: an Investigation into Scottish and English top-flight Clubs’ Commitment to Tackling a Global Issue’, was presented by Lipa Hussain and Simen Jordsmyr Holm. The pair has been working on the project since October and were delighted to be able to present their findings to the general public. Lipa told the attendees of how her idea came about nearly a year ago as she was interested in the massive social impact football has and the influence the sport can have in tackling important issues. Given that Simen shares he

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