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UN House commissions Presentation on Effectiveness for Small Aid Programmes

Executive Director Dr. Gari Donn and Atishay Mathur

United Nations House Scotland has commissioned a presentation with Atishay Mathur's research findings on the case of Scotland’s new international development policy to Rwanda, Malawi, and Zambia. This presentation has so far been made to UNICEF UK, the Zambian High Commissioner to the UK, Scotland’s International Development Alliance, and further presentations to DfID, the Scottish Government, and Scotland-Malawi Partnership are to follow. The presentation is available here. Please check back soon for a more detailed post on effectiveness in small aid programmes.

About Atishay

Atishay Mathur works on Governance at the United Nations House. He is a member of the Cross Party Group on International Development at the Scottish Parliament, and the SDG Network in Scotland on Open Governance and was recently awarded an MSc in International Development (with Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh – where his research focused on developing a new approach to measuring the effectiveness of small aid programmes

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