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UNHS at Scottish Parliament

During the week of 4 December 2017, UNHS was thrilled to host a stall at Scottish Parliament, sharing our work to promote and achieve the SDGs in Scotland. We were thrilled to have significant interest from MSPs and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Other guests included Minister for International Development Alasdair Allan, Minister for Transport and the Islands Humza Youaf, Head of Broadcasting Ruth Connelly, and many more! Below are some photos of our visitors with UNHS representatives:

UNHS wishes to express thanks to all those who visited our stall, including those not pictured. In addition to Head of Broadcasting Ruth Connelly, the MSPS who visited us are as follows:

Christine Grahame

John Mason

Alison Johnstone

Richard Lyle

Jackie Baillie

Mike Russell

Alex Neil

Alex Cole-Hamilton

Ivan McKee

Humza Yousaf

Claire Baker

James Dornan

Elaine Smith

Ash Denham

Monica Lennon

Lewis Macdonald

John Mason

Alasdair Allan

Rhoda Grant

Maurice Corry

Bruce Crawford

Joan McAlpine

Marie Todd

Ross Greer

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