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A Humanitarian Approach to Human Rights: A RoundTable on Afghanistan

If a humanitarian approach to Human Rights exists, what does it include? If it doesn’t, how can we help to motivate such discussions through our roundtables?

This RoundTable event will focus on Afghanistan as a case study in which to explore and discuss Human Rights issues. Guest speakers will highlight key issues and concerns from their own perspectives and experiences.

This will enable audience members to generate questions and discussion points which can then be presented at the Q&A and taken further into Breakout Room sessions. Breakout room sessions will then explore what was discussed in the first part of the RoundTable and ask the question: how would a humanitarian approach to Human Rights affect the situation in Afghanistan?

Action points will be generated and noted down to be drafted into a report following the event.

Please note that the following agenda is subject to change (all times are in GMT)

17:30 - 17:40: Welcome and Overview

17:40 - 17:45: An Overview of Afghanistan: Context, Core Issues and Concerns with Professor Rick Fawn, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews

17:45 - 17:55: International Response to Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan with Mr Scott Smith, Chief, Political Affairs Service, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and Miss Fiona Frazer, Chief, Human Rights, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

17:55 - 18:05: Afghanistan and the UK: A balance between Human Rights and National Interest with Sir William Patey, Former British Ambassador to Afghanistan 2010-2012

18:05 - 18:15: A Humanitarian Approach to Human Rights: Women and Children on the Ground with Mr Najibullah Samim, CEO, Afghan Family Guidance Association

18:15 - 18:20: Respondent with Dr Leoni Connah, Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester

18:20 - 19:00: Question & Answer Session

18:50 - 19:25: Open Discussion Session: Humanitarian Perspectives in Human Rights

19:25 - 19:30: Closing Remarks

Click here to register for free for the event.

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