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Donations Needed!

This is a call about fundraising for essential roof repairs for the building at 44 Frederick St, where our United Nations Association office is located in Edinburgh.

You may have visited the office and been pleased to see the happy bustle of people volunteering on various projects. All are committed to enhancing the UN's vision, values and goals at local levels. Through their volunteering internships, they acquire life-enhancing skills and experiences and many move into work in the NGO, International Development and Human Rights fields.

We have been so fortunate to have this office in the centre of Edinburgh and to have had it for almost 70 years. It had been donated to UN ASSOCIATION EDINBURGH by the former Convenor of UNAE, Lady Morton. We continue to be thankful for the gift and her foresight in seeing the importance for a civil society organisation having a stone and mortar presence!

However, time takes its toll, and the building now requires maintenance work. In addition, the stonework on the front window facing the road requires attention.

The cost will be £5000.

We would appreciate any financial contributions towards these essential roof repairs. All funds will go to this maintenance work and thereby ensure that the next generation of Intern volunteers is able to devote time and energy in support of the UN Goals at civil society and grassroots levels.

We would be delighted if you could help with a donation however small or large through our crowdfunding site.

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