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To the President of the Security Council on women and girls in Afghanistan

Your Excellency, Mr President

Thank you for this opportunity to seek assistance from yourself and the Security Council on behalf of young women and girls in Afghanistan. I was pleased to hear that one of Kenya’s priorities will be women and girls.

As a member of UNA Scotland and Soroptimist International, a leading global voice for women and girls we urge you and the Security Council to protect the human rights of young women and girls in Afghanistan and other areas of conflict.

Following the change of political leadership in Afghanistan announcements were made to indicate no changes would take place in the education of girls and young women and they would have free access to continue learning.

However recent reports seem to indicate that access for young women and girls at all levels of education is being denied in some regions of the country. If this is correct then some girls will be vulnerable to forced and early marriage, even early pregnancy while still children themselves denying them their futures. Some are already widows and need to be able to support their families. It will also be to the economic detriment of the country not to use this valuable resource as has been shown in many other countries. Education is the key.

Following on from the previous President of the Security Council Ambassador Nassen Byrne, and the Security Council statement on Afghanistan and the Secretary General’s comments in relation to leaving no one behind especially girls and young women

Are you and the Security Council willing to seek further assurances from the new leadership in Afghanistan that the education, safety and human rights of all women and girls will be protected?

Thank you

Pat Black

Soroptimist International Adviser 2019-2021

Past President, SI Scotland South UK

Past President SIGBI

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