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UN WOMEN UK's Safe Spaces Now Campaign

Women and girls around the world continue to experience violence, harassment and fear in public spaces. UN Women UK is holding a series of workshops where together, we'll create a blueprint for safer public spaces, along with tangible solutions which we'll take to Parliament and corporate leaders asking them to change the reality.

We would love CAG members to sign up for these workshopsusingthis link, and to encourage anyone from your community you think would be interested to sign up too. We need to ensure your voices are heard!

UN WOMEN UK have 5 workshops taking place from 2nd Feb to 3rd March and are looking for 60 participants for each workshop.

We would love you to promote and engage your audience over the next 2 weeks +to fill as many places as possible! We've created materials which we would love you to share - see below.

Aim of the 5 workshops:

We are looking to co-create some big-picture and wild ideas with 400+ women and girls. We want to hear from as many women, girls and marginalised groups as possible. Our project question is - "How can we reimagine public spaces to make women and girls feel safe and free after Lockdown?'

The Sign-up Process:

Sign up will happen through an Eventbrite link and the 5 workshops will focus on 3 topic matters:

1) online

2) streets and public transport

3) nightlife and festivals.

- Participants will have the option to select one of the topics they would like to discuss when signing up (not mandatory). FYI - We will have topic specific breakout rooms during the zoom workshops, each with a dedicated workshop facilitator.

Materials for you to share please:

- Please share this link when promoting the workshops.

- Content - feel free to share these with the NAWO network. Attached to this email you will find the following:

1. Poster to share via email/direct messaging

2. Two social media visual assets

- If you do take part please tag @unwomenuk and @nationallotterygoodcauses and we will reshare as much as possible to build momentum around the workshops.

The UN WOMEN UK Safe Spaces Now campaign is going to be an invaluable contribution to the final report that will be presented to Parliament.

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