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UNA-UK: Take Action on Nuclear Weapons

Repost from UNA-UK

Dear Friend, Today is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. As people gather around the world and at the UN to mark this important day, we are sharing some ways to take action for a future free of nuclear weapons. The UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - now with 91 signatories and 68 state parties - shows the strength of the growing movement rejecting these weapons as well as the industry and financiers that supports it. But many banks and pension providers still invest in companies that produce these weapons. According to the Nuclear Weapons Financing Research Group, billions of pounds are invested from British banks and pension funds every year. Read their report here.

The British Government may not be behaving responsibly when it comes to nuclear weapons, but the story does not stop here. It’s time for financial institutions to join the international movement against nuclear weapons and invest our money where it is needed - including to tackle climate change.

UNA-UK is joining the Nuclear Weapons Financing Research Group to call on financial institutions to start investing in change - starting with reaching out to our banks and pension providers. As part of this campaign UNA-UK will be scrutinising its own finances and where relevant writing to companies we work with asking them to divest. We encourage you to do the same.

Take action

Join us as we try to create a world without nuclear weapons by contacting your bank or pension provider and asking them to get your money out of nuclear weapons.

  1. Find out how your bank is doing:

  2. Use the #InvestingInChange resources to contact your bank, by emailing, tweeting or writing to your bank:

  3. Get social: share ICAN’s ready-to go social media materials to say #NuclearWeaponsAreBadForBusiness:

As Putin’s recent threats show, while nuclear weapons continue to exist, we are all at risk. Campaigns around the world like this help stigmatise nuclear weapons and put pressure on all states to reduce the role of these weapons in their security strategies. Thank you for your continued support.

The UNA-UK team

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