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United Nations Day 2021

This year, UNA-USA is celebrating the UN’s 76th anniversary with a special virtual program, bringing together UN officials, young change-makers, and the most essential piece to our movement—you, our members.

2021 Theme: Creating a Blueprint for a Better Future

For more than seven decades, UNA-USA members have advocated on behalf of the UN and its agencies. Over the last year and a half, we’ve been reminded of how just how interconnected the world is and that a threat anywhere—from the COVID-19 pandemic to intensifying impacts of climate change—is a threat everywhere.

The U.S. should not—and cannot—tackle global challenges alone. Our members know that creating a blueprint for a better future can only be achieved through working in tandem with the UN.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield- Michele Sumilas

This is your opportunity to hear directly from Amb. Thomas-Greenfield about your impact as a UNA-USA member, and how your advocacy helps to strengthen support for the UN’s work.

Additionally, amid worsening humanitarian crises, Michele Sumilas will shine a light on the essential partnership between USAID and the UN, and will highlight how they work together to deliver aid and save lives.

Find out more by clicking here.

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