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The strategy behind the toolkits is three-fold: 

  • Firstly, to Provide Actual Implementation Steps for Climate Action                                       

  • Secondly, there are Great Reports and Research and it is to Encourage both Research and Reports to be Turned into Implementation Steps                                             

  • Lastly to Collate the Voice to Make It Stronger & Therefore More Effective


The UNHS toolkit, ''BIG GOALS, SMALL CHANGES: BRINGING THE SDGs HOME'' provides implementable steps for individuals towards climate change mitigation. 

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This Toolkit is aimed at anyone, no matter where you are based on the planet, who has concern for the environment, how organisations are governed and their impact on society and wants to take action and is unsure where to start. The questionnaire contained within the Toolkit will help you understand the things you are already doing to support your ESG practices and give you a comprehensive route map towards even more and better things.

We want you to feel empowered to make positive change and work towards environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible practices that will preserve our beautiful planet for future generations to come.


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E-waste, or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), is the planet’s fastest growing waste stream. Globally, 53.6 million metric tonnes were produced in 2019, up 21% in five years. Only 17.4% was collected and recycled, with much more languishing in landfill, burnt or illegally traded. Figures vary for different regions, but every country could do much better.

This practical guide will help you reduce your consumption and waste of electronic and electrical items, also raising awareness of how this can reduce the growing demand for potentially damaging deep-sea mining while creating other opportunities in the ‘circular economy’.

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''BIG GOALS, SMALL CHANGES: Bringing the SDGs home'' Toolkit:

A Simple Guide for Organizations

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The Sustainable Investment Toolkit is designed for individuals who are interested in making good choices with their money, to benefit people and planet but equally to nurture their own financial well being.  Surveys show that a large percentage of the public understand very little about the financial services industry and how their bank accounts, savings, investments and pensions work. We need to know how a system works, if we want to ensure it works well for us and if we want to help mould it into something better. If you agree, read on!

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The UNAS toolkit, ''BIG GOALS, SMALL CHANGES: BRINGING THE SDGs HOME'' provides implementable steps for individuals towards climate change mitigation.

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To supplement our own, we have invited contributions of sustainability toolkits and guides from others. We have not undertaken to screen these and any queries should be sent to the named contributor. We reserve the right to remove any contributed toolkits if significant concerns are expressed.

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