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Scottish Women’s Convention


Area of operation:


The Scottish Women's Convention (SWC) was set up by the Scottish Executive in 2003 in recognition of the need to ensure women's voices reached policy makers. The organisation works to ensure that women throughout Scotland have an opportunity to be involved in activities and events. The information gathered is reported to key decision makers at both a local and national level. Working across Scotland, the organisation seeks to illustrate real women's views, opinions and concerns on key policy areas. Women have a right to be heard. Decision makers have a right to listen.
Funding: The SWC is funded by the Scottish Government Equality Unit to communicate and consult with women in Scotland in order to influence public policy. Activities The SWC works to ensure that women throughout Scotland can influence the strategies and policies which affect them. The organisation works in rural areas and Scottish islands to ensure that these communities are included in discussions. Local roadshows, conferences, informal networking, celebratory events and online surveys, allow women to engage with the SWC to ensure their voices are heard
Reach By: working with individuals and local organisations, the SWC is able to meet with a diverse range of women, with different experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

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