To strengthen and develop the engagement between people and the goals and values of the United Nations by creating an environment of opportunities for collaboration, communication and contribution.

UN House promotes connections between representatives above, particularly when concerned with collective movement towards strengthening international peace and security.

Chatham House Rule based seminars produce world class policy advice helping increase understanding and communication. UN House believes this strategy actively reduces the likelihood of conflict escalation.


For every person to be actively engaged with the values and goals of the United Nations: Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Peace and Security.


Collaboration, Communication and Contribution

UN House was established in 2012 by the charity Caledonia International Development Trust (CIDT) and officially opened by the Minister for External Affairs and International Development on 17 September. We now proudly operate under the United Nations Association Scotland.


It is a shared facility with representation from UN agencies, civil society organisations and charities, working to support UN values. At UN House a core team works in ways which engage Scottish Expertise, the public, and youth. This happens through frequent SDG events, SCISA Seminars, and UN House Intern and volunteering opportunities.


Combined, these three key elements of engagement allow for flow between UN values and civil society in new and innovative ways.

United Nations Association Scotland - Charity No. SC048547


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