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The United Nations House Scotland (UNHS) events are open events that bring together a range of community stakeholders and members of the public to create awareness, communicate and engage on a particular UN value and/or UN goal.


The main aim of these events is to promote and strengthen grassroots engagement with UN values and goals.  At UNHS we believe that the voice of people must be heard and that the SDGs will be attainable when all members of society contribute.


At the end of each event, a report is produced by civil UNHS to capture the information.

To view upcoming events, visit our events calendar.  

We invite you to read past reports.  If and when appropriate, please share with your colleagues in order for this work to continue to create pathways to peace.  

If you would like to contribute to our seminar series, donations help us in making these possible.

Are you interested in volunteering your time?  We have intern positions that are available from time to time.

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