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About Model UN

What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

Model United Nations is an activity that simulates the proceedings of the United Nations, where participants assume the role of national ambassadors to debate and seek solutions for global issues. Based on the Committees and General Assemblies of the United Nations, these simulation events allow students – better known as “delegates” - to enact diplomatic-style debates, negotiate face-to-face, lobby, discuss and debate to reach a consensus, and present resolutions.

UNHS concludes a MUN at Broomhall House, Fife. 

By stepping into the shoes of ambassadors, delegates are challenged to thoroughly explore both real world problems and the unique perspective of the country they “represent”. This critical approach to education not only encourages a process of self-reflection, but also an enhanced understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

About MUN

Who can participate in MUN?

Depending upon committee and topic, participation in Model United Nations challenges delegates to become well-versed in a diversity of areas: history,  geography, law, ecology, technology, languages, economics, the list can go on and on. However, no prior knowledge of or experience in international relations is necessary. To put it simply: anyone can participate in Model United Nations!

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Attuned to the education attainment gap and increasing need for global citizens, our vision is to ensure that every Scottish pupil has the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations. Our goal is to partner with primary schools to implement Model United Nation conferences throughout Scotland, by implementing MUN in hub schools where we already have connections and engaging in a contract with hub schools. We believe MUN education to be a critical element to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Vision MUN
What Pupils Say:

Innes D., MUN Participant

"I started Model UN around two years ago when one of my friends at the time and since then I have been every week at my school's MUN club. The highlight of my MUN career was getting elected as my club's Secretary-General. This position has given me many great opportunities such as travelling to Cambridge University's first ever high school conference where I was given the award of 'Commended.' As well as experiences, MUN has given me many great organisational skills needed to help organise the weekly club at my school, including getting speakers and volunteers to write working papers. MUN has also given me the confidence to speak in front of large crowds, speaking in front of nearly 600 people at my school's annual conference."

Past and Current MUN Work

Our Current Work

Our goal is to partner with primary schools to implement Model United Nation conferences throughout Scotland, implement and engage in a contract with hub schools. Through our network, which currently includes over 15 public and private primary schools from all over Scotland, we offer training for teachers and students, delegate resources, and provide opportunities to view MUN in action.

Our Past Work

Over the past year, UNHS has been in discussions with primary school teachers and faculty, education officers, and government officials to realize our vision of bringing MUN to all Scottish pupils. In November 2017, in collaboration with Douglas Chapman MP and Fife Council, UNHS successfully hosted a one day MUN conference at Lord Elgin’s Broomhall House, Dunfermline. The first of its kind, the conference brought together thirty pupils from five different primary schools. Through their discussion and debate on the topic of migration, we saw these young students take an active interest in global issues and demonstrate amazing leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

The Low Moss Prison Project

We believe that the principles of diplomacy, cooperation despite differences, and critical engagement with global issues are important for all people regardless of incarceration status. Prisons are facilities where people with convictions should be accompanied, in the best way possible, towards a full reintegration into society. Amongst different activities, Model United Nations encourages people deprived of liberty to practice communication, negotiation and leadership skills but also to rebuild their capacity to exercise their civil and political rights and be recognised as “real citizens” again. 

Two years ago we held a workshop at Low Moss Prison to discuss the prison education system, and the associated benefits of literacy and leadership in Model United Nations programmes. We are currently collaborating with Scottish prisons and government officers to bring Model United Nations to the prison system. If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, please contact us

MUN Work
Press & Contact

UNHS invites you to share in our vision. If you are interested in continuing your involvement in MUN, expanding the resources available to your team, or simply learning more please contact us.


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