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Image by Darilon from Pixabay

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities


Achieving the SDGs – One City at a Time


The case for cities supporting the SDGs is incredibly compelling. Cities generate their own wealth, shape local policies and are spearheading a thrilling new vision of governance and engagement for the implementation of the SDGs.   


UN House Scotland Cities Programme support cities in framing their local development plans in the context of the Agenda 2030 through diverse educational processes towards a Voluntary Local Review (VLR). Cities aspire to increase prosperity, promote social inclusion, and enhance resilience and environmental sustainability. In this context, the SDGs capture large parts of the existing political agenda in virtually every city.  


VLR is a process in which local and regional governments (LRGs) voluntarily undertake an assessment of their implementation of and progress towards the SDGs. This makes it possible for cities to share experiences, challenges, and lessons learnt with others around the world as well as to open the door for new partnerships, further helping to implement local visions. 


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Our team in UN House Scotland is currently expanding their research on homelessness in Scotland to identify potential solutions towards achieving SDG11. 

Check out their latest POP in which they have compared homelessness in Scotland to Canada, New Zealand, and Finland.

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