By volunteering at the UNHS, you will be making a positive contribution to the work of the organisation, increasing its impact and its role in working towards UN values and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).  On a personal level, you will be gaining an invaluable experience and enhancing the skills you hold as well as developing new ones.


Our interns are the primary factor in the success of UNHS and we are grateful for their work. If you’d like to apply to one of the internships listed below, please send us your CV and internship preference at –


The United Nations House Scotland offers three types of internships:

Volunteer Internships

​A volunteer intern commits their time to the UNHS activities when possible. This role is truly worthwhile if you would like to invest your time in experiences such as organising conferences, participating in exclusive workshops or acting as an integral member of a range of enthusiastic teams.


Our intern Firdavs expressed how the internship aided them:


“With a friendly atmosphere and strong sense of motivation, I learnt how to motivate a group of people and complete tasks efficiently. Being a part of UNHS enabled me to expand my professional, academic network from various regions of the world."


Resident Internships

A resident internship is best suited to someone who is able to volunteer for a set period of time. Within this time, you will be given the valuable opportunity to work on a project you are passionate about.  It could be preparing for a conference (recent events have been on Yemen, Climate Change and Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery), or assisting school students with a simulation of the UN - a Model United Nations.  Always, UNHS will make sure that your experience with us is meaningful.


 Here’s what our previous Resident Intern Deanna had to say about her experience;


“I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with government officials, high-level academics, and other such prestigious persons. Despite being an intern, the UNHS team was dedicated to making sure I was able to further my career goals, and my voice and opinions were always welcomed by my supervisors. I was able to take a lead on initiatives, such as the push for implementing Model United Nations in more Scottish schools. I never expected to have such a role at UNHS, and I believe I grew personally from the experience.”


Placement Internships

Placement Internships are particularly for students who are working on a specific project for university purposes. This could be a research project or report writing, which is co-managed by UNHS and the individual university.  


Navya Abiruben, our previous placement intern conveys her experience;


“My time at the UN House has been one of the most invaluable experiences for me at Edinburgh. It has been a place to meet and network with a diverse, intelligent and dynamic group of individuals.  I also gained new perspectives from working on the Climate Change Conference in May and from my time as one of the SCISA Database officers. The immense support and encouragement provided by my mentor, Gari Donn, has been instrumental in doing my work here and has opened up many opportunities for my personal development and career. As a placement student, I have been working on my master’s dissertation on the alignment of companies in the UK and SDG 13- Climate Action. Doing this research has been challenging but exciting and has provided me with insights and knowledge that I will take on to my future career in the business world.”