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Image by Grant Ritchie


Online event

Potentially in Person (Aberdeen Townhouse)

You can get tickets on Eventbrite

Date And Time:

Mon, October 25, 2021

Attending Virtually? 

Join us at 5:15 PM for an incredible meditative art experience!  Were you are encouraged to post thoughts and reactions in the chat box. 


Attending In-Person? 

The in-person attendees can arrive at 5:30 pm at the Aberdeen City Chambers for a different experience of the art work by Tom Rossiter.

Panel Speakers will include:

Barney Crockett, Lord Provost of Aberdeen - “Aberdeen city’s support for COP26 and the Energy Transition”

Sir Richard Jolly KCMG, Honorary President of UNA Climate and Oceans.

Angela Watt, Founder of Resonate Together, Board Trustee at the Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organisations and Social Enterprise Scotland; selected Top 100 European Women in Social Enterprise 2021 by The Euclid Network, the European Network for Social Enterprises and Impact-Driven Leaders.

"Behavioural Change, Community Leadership": Angela will be talking about how to create the positive environment which leads to personal choice benefitting local communities and planet.

Twitter: @Head2Green and @ResonateCom
Hashtag: #ResonateTogether

Respondent: Dr Nigel Dower, Chair, Aberdeen Branch United Nations Association

Vote of thanks: Kevin Hutchens, Vice-Chair, Aberdeen Branch United Nations Association


Tom Rossiter, FAIA:  Photographer, Artist, Architect 


''Anthropocene Mountain, A Yearlong Photographic/Video Meditation on 8 Billion People on the Planet'':


The Anthropocene Mountain meditation is a deep photographic look at one city, Chicago, as representative of major cities globally, considered in relation to the air, water, wildlife,  and the earth that it touches. Photographed as so many have captured mountain ranges or vast forests. But this is manmade, as are most of the threats facing not only our civilization but our very planet. Scientists have discussed naming this post-Holocene epoch, the Anthropocene era. This would signify that for the first time in the earth’s history man has inalterably impacted our planet’s geology and environment.  Liveable cities are a key building block to the future of our planet. Come explore the wonder and horror of where we are today.

Instagram: tjrossiter

Facebook; Thomas J Rossiter

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