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Online event

You can get tickets on Eventbrite

Date And Time:

Tue, October 19, 2021

6:00 PM-7:30 PM BST

Panel speakers will be :

  • Catherine Weetman, author of A Circular Economy Handbook and host of the Circular Economy Podcast.


 "It's time for a circular revolution: how the circular economy is a 'multiplier' for carbon reduction". Catherine will explain what the circular economy is (spoiler alert - it's much more than recycling!). Why do we need to go circular? She will explain the risks and headwinds facing 'business as usual', including its carbon and biodiversity footprint. Finally, she'll offer some tips on how people can 'go circular' in their own lives, including some examples from Scotland.


  • Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland CEO.

Global net-zero targets are an excellent start, but we need to do more. Overconsumption is killing the planet and it is an issue that is not talked about enough in the climate crisis conversation. Whenever we buy something new, we use up more of our limited virgin materials to produce and deliver it. Wasting our resources, especially food waste, is a major driver of greenhouse gases so we have got to do everything we can to tackle that issue too. We can, and we must, consume responsibly and waste less. With COP26 coming up in Glasgow, now is the time to talk about the actions we can take to drive responsible consumption.

Zero Waste Scotland leads on the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy strategy and other low carbon policy priorities, and is at the forefront of efforts to create a resource efficient, circular economy.​


CE Hb 2nd edition high res 9781789665314
  • Christopher Hopwood, Country Strategic Planning at the UN World Food Programme (speaking in a personal capacity).

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