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The office at 44/3 Frederick Street was gifted to UNA Edinburgh in 1956, but the branch may have been in existence before then. The United Nations Association was founded in 1945, at the end of the second World War, and enjoyed massive support across the UK (and other countries). It’s hard to believe that the Edinburgh branch didn’t come into being at that time. Indeed, the UNA itself was preceded by the League of Nations Union, so it’s possible that the roots of UNA Edinburgh go back even further, possible to the early 20th century.


UNA Edinburgh has always been and still is recognised by UNA-UK. It was formerly described by UNA-UK as a “branch”, but in more recent years, UNA-UK has re-defined branches as “local UNAs”.


UNA Edinburgh became a registered Scottish charity in October 2014. It is a separate charity from UNA Scotland.

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The United Nations House Scotland is part of the United Nations Association Scotland, a charity registered in Scotland (SC048547).