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Online event

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Date And Time:

Tue, October 12, 2021

6:00 PM-7:30 PM BST



Dr. Maureen Sier, Director of Interfaith Scotland

''Heal the Planet; Heal Ourselves (Faith and Climate Action)'':

Dr. Sier will share the work being done in Scotland by faith communities to prepare for COP26 and how this work is intimately connected with the mental health of individuals and communities.  She will draw on her experience as Director of Interfaith Scotland and the spiritual insights of diverse religious traditions.

Facebook: @interfaithscotland

Twitter: @InterfaithScot

Instagram: @interfaith_scotland


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Sofie Elise Quist (she/her), COP26 project officer at Nourish Scotland

''Food climate and wellbeing: How farmers and cities are shaping just and sustainable futures together'':

Food is fundamental to our health, cultures, livelihoods and lives. The systems that are meant to ensure food on our tables are under threat by increasing climate change and biodiversity loss. While the industrial food system is identified as a critical driver of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and nature loss, food systems account for around 1 third of global emissions, food and food systems also hold a wealth of possibilities for different, sustainable and just futures. 

Leading up to COP26 in Glasgow, our work on the Fork to Farm Dialogues and the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration has aimed to strengthen a social movement of farmers and cities who are leading the way to a sustainable and caring way to do food. This presentation will dive into insights from dialogues with these two actors at either end of the food system, and their shared imagination of sustainable and just futures.


Furthemore, Sofie was a guest on the second episode of our 'Connecting Women's Voices on Climate Justice: Perspectives from Scotland and Around the World'  podcast.

To listen to this episode, click here.

Dr. Adelheid Onyango, Director, Universal Health Coverage/Healthier Populations Cluster, WHO Regional Office for Africa;

''Ties that bind people, communities and nations''

At the heart of international treaties are the lives of real people in the most diverse communities of the world. Their needs for clean air, clean water, safe and adequate food, shelter, nurturing, livelihood, social anchoring, cultural identity, self-determination and fulfillment are the same in the north, south, east and west. 


On the other hand, international treaties are often shaped by political and economic interests that are blind to humanity’s common needs and their connectedness. 


She will speak from the experience of growing up in a rural Kenyan village and remaining closely connected with her family and community through the years of studying and working abroad. From her 23-year career at the World Health Organization, she will share some insights from listening to the discourses and debates that colour international agreements and disagreements on public health issues. 


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