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UNA-UK: An Evening Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan was an inspiration to us all. He is not only remembered as an advocate of the UN but also as a symbol for peace, human rights and sustainable development. Through this lecture, I got to understand his ideas, his goals and his vision of what the world should be. Upon finishing graduation, I was completely lost and confused as to my future career path and where I want to be and what I want to achieve, but after attending this lecture, I have never felt more driven and empowered as a young woman. I've learnt one important lesson from this, that is, 'you are never too young to lead and we are never too old to learn'. It is incredibly inspiring to see how throughout Kofi's life, he listened and stood up for young people and encouraged them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Kofi mentioned that we share a common destiny and that we can only master it when we fact it together and this is why we have the United Nations. Although great work has been done over the years, there is still more to be done. During the panel discussion between Lord Malloch Brown, Mary Robinson and Amina J Mohammed, they gave one advice to the audience, which was, 'participate and take charge of your future, that's when it belongs to you'. During the event, Climate Change undoubtedly was brought up and when asked on how to conduct successful youth activism, the speakers gave a piece of 3-step advice: 1. Everyone should take climate change personally and do something that they wouldn't otherwise do. 2. Get angry and get active at businesses and governments of all levels and get active in supporting those who are fighting for climate change and conservation and 3. Imagine the world we want to see and take action upon that. They mentioned that we should not wait for the government to do something, we have to advocate, we have to bring together people and create a movement.

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