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BBYTA Partnership

Established in 2018, the British Born Young Talent Association (BBYTA) is a youth-led organisation that is focused on nurturing talent in public speaking, relations, fostering anti-xenophobic action, whilst promoting links between the East and Southeast Asia with the British community.

Founded on the basis of providing a platform for young people to exchange ideas with professionals, BBYTA has since grown into a committed team of volunteers with the shared purpose to promote awareness of important issues.

This has been achieved through various conversations on anti-asian hate, helping local communities, offering a platform for young people and engaging in charitable work, helping those who need it most.

They welcome members regardless of political, religious or racial background who share a love and interest in East and Southeast Asia. Through an array of well-organised events, we hope that young people will be given an opportunity to converse with today’s leaders, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. BBYTA is a proud United Nations House of Scotland partner, working together to further combat prejudice, and anti-Asian hate and to promote basic human rights within our society.

“BBYTA is proud to announce our partnership with UN House Scotland! UN House Scotland has been an incredible support for the past few years and we are so excited for all the new projects that we have planned to launch this year. It’s an honour for all of us here to work with UN House Scotland."

- Wing Yan Ng (co-chair @bbyta)

To learn more about BBYTA, check out their website:, and social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

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