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Beyond COP26: Invest in Our Planet Report

COP26 was held in Glasgow, Scotland between the 31st of October and the 13th of November 2021. As a follow up, on April 22nd, the UN House Scotland COP Legacy team, UNA Scotland under UNA-UK, UNA Hawaii under UNA-USA and UNA-USA under the World Federation of UNAs (WFUNA) and other members of WFUNA hosted the second event in our series of COP26 legacy events entitled “Invest in Our Planet”, presented on Earth Day 2022. This virtual event aimed to set out and review the primary goals of COP26, and enumerate the relative outcomes of those goals. The program was hosted virtually, on Zoom, permitting for various presentations from participants and notable climate change advocates; culminating in an extended question-and-answer section ex post the session. The speakers were made up of people from different Academic, Political and Legal backgrounds, all offering insightful analysis of action points and community driven initiatives to foster the goals and objectives of COP26. Multiple campaign frameworks were discussed and analyzed in furtherance of the COP26.

You may read the report here:

Beyond COP26 Report
Download PDF • 3.16MB

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