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Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs

Are you ready for our first author conversation?

Join us as we officially kick off the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs! He'll be in conversation with Dr. Martin J. Sherwin, author of January's featured book Gambling with Armageddon.

Prof. Sachs will speak with Dr. Sherwin's about his fascinating look at the Cuban Missile Crisis, the place of nuclear weapons in our post-World War II society, and the convincing case for international cooperation to avoid further crises.

Please note that you do NOT have to have read the book to join the live session.

However, we encourage you to join the Book Club on edX to access a book excerpt, supporting resources, and a forum where you can discuss Gambling with Armageddon with Book Club members from around the world.

We'll see you there!

The SDG Academy Team

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