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Happy Pride Month 2023!

At UN House Scotland we are proud to celebrate, champion and amplify the work and activism of everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community during June and beyond.

We passionately strive for equity and equality across our teams, and recognising the importance of past and present LGBTQIA+ communities in shaping history is a key value that we hold as an organisation who represents all people.

We asked some of our team coordinators why uplifting LGBTQIA+ communities is important within their own teams and areas of expertise, to illustrate how we extend our support outside of June as a dedicated focus of UN House Scotland:

“The Gender and Migration group at UNHS focuses on issues relating to how gender and sexuality impacts individual’s experiences of migration differently. Our current research is looking at LGBTQ+ experience within migration detention centres in England and Scotland. We are currently in the process of organising a round table discussion with leading experts who focus on this issue of LGBTQ+ and migration detention.”

- Climate and Gender Team

“When we’re sharing campaigns and projects across the UNHS website, we aspire to make all people feel included and represented within the content we produce. Recognising the importance of activists, events, organisations and individuals who have campaigned for the rights of all genders and sexualities to be respected reflects our own dedication to celebrating the work of all team members and collaborative partners at UNHS and the extraordinary work they do. This June, and every month, we wish all our supporters a Happy Pride Month!”

- Digital Team

We’ve specially selected some of the articles produced by our interns which highlight the importance of protecting LGBTQIA+ rights within our team’s specialist subject areas:

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