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How The Pandemic Has Affected Everyone: International and Global Perspectives

An Event hosted by UNA Aberdeen and Aberdeen University UNA

On Thursday 22nd October the United Nations Association Aberdeen & Aberdeen University UNA Society held a panel discussion (by ZOOM) on the topic ‘How the pandemic has affected everyone: international and global perspectives’.

The three panellists were Dr Asha Abdikarim Ebrahim, a medical Doctor in Tanzania on ‘How the pandemic has affected medical practice, a Tanzanian perspective’; Ms Georgiana Bugeag, a UK information adviser on ‘Lived experiences of international students in UK during the pandemic’; and Dr Nigel Dower, Chair of the Aberdeen local branch of UNA on ‘The pandemic from a UN/international perspective’.

The meeting was chaired by Ms Alana Stevenson, President of the Aberdeen University UNA Society.

After the three presentations, there was a lively discussion ranging from personal experiences to questions about the importance and effectiveness of the UN and the WHO in controlling the pandemic. The event was attended by over 25 participants – many of them expressing thanks for an informative and interesting discussion. Many came away with a new perspective on just how much of an impact COVID-19 has had on the world.

The following ZOOM video link gives access to the evening – with two videos, one of the talks the other of the discussion. (The audio quality is on the whole good but parts of Nigel’s talk and discussion points are less good because of internet problems.)

Passcode: 9ug#Erqb

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