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Human Rights and Disarmament Webinar

Join the Human Rights and Disarmament Webinar this Thursday, 10 December to hear experts around the world discuss the relationship between disarmament and human rights.

Bringing together speakers from different stages in the disarmament process, we examine how the promotion of human rights without work towards disarmament is meaningless and the need for a new paradigm of security to build a just and peaceful future.

Among the panel of experts is Dr. Carlos Umaña (Costa Rica) of IPPNW, Kelly Smith (US) of the Poor People’s Campaign, Akmal Ali (Fiji) of the UN Association of Fiji, and Sumeya Osman Abdi (Somalia) of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU).

This webinar is co-hosted by the Youth Assembly and the International Peace Bureau Youth Network.

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