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Racial Justice and Women

Join us next Thursday for our May Monthly Meeting on Racial Justice and Women! We use this statement from the National Women’s Law Center as our launching pad: We will never achieve equality and opportunity for women while systemic racism and sexism continue to put hurdles in the paths of women of color.

We need to fight for justice for women of color in all areas, including employment, education, reproductive rights, economics, over-policing and the criminal justice system. The healthcare system disparities for women of color are appalling, and we will look at the impact of COVID-19 on women of color and their communities.

What solutions and recommendations can we generate from our discussion? Racial justice for women is a popular topic of conversation. It is time to move from advocacy to action. NGO CSW/NY believes that an effective, broad-based feminist and women’s movement for social transformation must be committed to eliminating racism.

Date: Thursday, 20 May 2021

Time: 1 - 3 PM EDT Find your timezone here.

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NGO CSW/NY Executive Committee Elections

During the May Monthly Meeting, we'll be discussing the upcoming NGO CSW/NY Executive Committee elections. Nominations from the floor may be made at this time. Any nomination from the floor must be seconded.

Read more information on the election procedures and see the nomination slate.


For more of NGO CSW/NY's events, visit their website.


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