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Report On Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees In Scotland - Reflections From The Roundtable

On 21st February 2023, the UN House Scotland Human Trafficking Team acted as a secretariat for the Human Trafficking Cross Party Group at the Scottish Parliament, in collaboration with the Chair Rhoda Grant (MSP) Vice Chair Bill Kidd (MSP). Working together, the 'Roundtable on Mitigating the Risks of Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees -- Finding Best Practice and Policy to Safeguard Refugees in Scotland' was arranged.

The roundtable aimed to identify the potential risks of trafficking or exploitation posed to Ukrainian refugees in Scotland. The roundtable also aimed to identify strategies and recommendations on how these risks could be mitigated. This report offers a comprehensive account of the outcomes of the roundtable, as well as recommendations for actions.

Below, a report on the roundtable can be downloaded to learn more about the importance of building Scotland's resilience to the trafficking of refugees in the context of the Ukrainian crisis:

Report on Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees in Scotland - Reflections on Roundtab
Download • 816KB

Thank you to all speakers and attendees involved in the success of the roundtable, and to the UNHS Human Trafficking Team for supporting the event. Thank you also to team leaders Iiris Aliska and Ella Higgins in facilitating the roundtable and the production of the report.

To learn more about the work of the UNHS Human Trafficking Team, click here.

To follow the work of Iiris Aliska, click here.

To follow the work of Ella Higgins, click here.

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