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Online event

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Date And Time:

Tue, October 5, 2021

6:00 PM-7:30 PM BST



Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director of Energy Transition Institute.

"Building a better and greener world":

As each year has its own unique challenges, 2021 will probably be defined by the global response to COVID-19 and the climate emergency. The global vaccination programme, the upcoming United Nations COP26 conference and the prospect to build a better and greener society will provide the opportunity to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. COVID-19 has helped to unite the world against a common cause and has demonstrated that the global community can step up to do remarkable things. Against this backdrop, Professor Paul de Leeuw from Robert Gordon University in the UK will talk about what is required to manage the energy transition in the UK and what we all can do to ensure the sustainability of our planet. 



Professor Beth Scott, University of Aberdeen and Centre for Energy Transition: 


"Ecologically-Sustainable Futures for Large-Scale Renewables and How to Get There":


To arrive at a sustainable future we need offshore renewables to succeed, and to do so we need to work together.

There have been ecological showstoppers in the past and there will be again in the future unless we can co-design devices, array layouts and site locations of multiple very large-scale developments such that cumulative ecological effects can be assessed and conflicts with ecological laws, local communities and fishing industries be minimized.

In order to effectively spatially manage our marine habitats, weigh-up ecological trade-offs and avoid/adapt to the worst effects of climate change, we need all those involved to understand, at some degree of detail, how our marine ecosystems function such that impact mitigation efforts can start at the design stage of devices and developments.

This talk will outline a straightforward way to convey the most important environmental issues that are concerning renewables developments, as well as in the context of climate change, and at the scales of individuals and ecosystems.

Twitter: @BEScott_abdn 

Centre for Energy Transition (@UoAEnergy)  

Supergen ORE (@SupergenORE )


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Dr Janet Foggie, CEO, Community Energy Scotland

''Democratising Energy for Communities in Scotland: a Holistic Approach'':

How Renewable Community Energy pays decarbonising dividends, enabling people to understand the link between energy use, demand reduction, and generation.

Janet will cover fuel poverty and a fair transition to a carbon-neutral society, Community Benefit and Community Development Trusts, and heat in homes.

This will be illustrated with some lessons learned from CES projects in Orkney, Western Isles, Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy. 

Twitter: @CES_Tweet 

Facebook: Community Energy Scotland - Home | Facebook

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