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UNHS curates and maintains SCISA, a database of regional experts on the promotion and development of peace, security and other UN related goals. SCISA is concerned with raising the profile of international relations and policy making in Scotland and demonstrating  how UN programmes and targets are relevant to Scottish policy making.


With the help of SCISA experts, UNHS has organized events and seminars aimed at creating dialogue between civil society and Parliament to promote peace and security in Scotland.  The experts are available for media inquiries, speaking opportunities, the parliamentary one-pager of resource information, as well as other opportunities for expert commentary. 

Media outlets are invited to engage with the database of experts for information about or comment on UN goals. 


Are you an expert on a particular UN goal?  We invite you to contact us to be on our database experts. 


If you would like to contribute to our database, donations help us in making this possible.

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