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UNSSC Free Online Moderated Course, Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

We are pleased to inform you of the upcoming edition of the free online moderated course, Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development running from 15 February to 19 March 2021.

This five-week course equips participants with an understanding of why policy coherence is important for achieving sustainable development, what coherent policymaking entails, and what are some specific tools, mechanisms and approaches that can be employed to foster policy coherence. The five weeks of the course will focus on:

  • Week 1: Introduction to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Policy Coherence

  • Week 2: Understanding Policy Coherence in the Context of Sustainable Development

  • Week 3: Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development at National, Regional, and International Level

  • Week 4: Tools and Review Mechanisms for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

  • Week 5: Partnerships for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development and Recap

At the end of the 5-weeks, participants will:

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the vision and principles underlying the 2030 Agenda, the evolution of the concept of policy coherence for sustainable development and the importance of policy coherence for sustainable development;

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the relevance of policy coherence as an approach and a tool to achieve sustainable development outcomes, and be able to recognize policies that are mutually reinforcing across governance levels;

  • Be equipped with knowledge of the specific tools, mechanisms and approaches that can be employed to foster policy coherence, including partnerships and multi-stakeholder engagement.

UNSSC online courses are designed to deliver maximum learning outcomes through carefully chosen high-quality learning materials. Our facilitated online courses combine self-paced study modules with applied learning components, such as case studies, interactive exercises, live moderated webinars with high-level speakers and collaborative group work, specially tailored to the needs of the professional interested in deepening their knowledge on a particular subject matter.

An expert facilitator guides and assists participants throughout the course, and provides real-time feedback on activities and exercises. Our user-friendly social online learning platform provides participants with the opportunity to connect with peers from diverse organizational backgrounds, fostering peer-to-peer learning. UNSSC online courses give learners the opportunity to complete activities when it best fits their schedule. Participants are largely free to determine their own weekly study plan. Lasting five weeks and demanding six hours of study per week, UNSSC online courses incorporate the same high academic rigour as any UNSSC face-to-face programme.

This online course is offered free-of-charge.

Selection criteria: The selection criteria include quality of motivation, professional experience and knowledge, commitment, diversity (gender, geographic region, sector, etc.), and willingness to contribute to the course.

Selection process: Register for the course by clicking on the sign-up button. Course registration closes on 15 January 2021. After the deadline for registration, you will receive a link to a survey to confirm the necessary conditions for course completion (technical requirements and time availability), as well as to answer course-specific questions.

For more information and to register, please visit

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