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UNHS CIimate Justice Conference ‘Changes the Moral Compass’

Claudia Beamish MSP speaks at UNHS Conference,"Scotland's Path to Climate Justice."

Claudia Beamish MSP hailed the impact of the conference Scotland’s Path to Climate Justice, which was held at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation on 27 April.

‘My education has been enriched and my moral compass has been changed. I have been truly challenged and inspired,’ the Scottish Labour MSP summarised. 'Let's be warriors!' she said.

The sold-out conference, organised by UN House Scotland and sponsored by Ms Beamish, sought to provide an additional perspective of climate justice to the one embedded in the Climate Change Bill that is currently going through Parliament.

Scotland’s Path to Climate Justice brought together a range of different speakers and presented a plethora of perspectives. The topics ranged from the path to climate justice to environmental racism, intergenerational equity, just transition and gender and environmental justice. Representatives from Black Lives Matter and ActionAid International as well as academics and politicians were among the speakers of the day.

Key action points included a call for intergenerational cooperation on climate justice. 'How many of us, under 30s in the room, expect to receive a pension?' asked Louise McKeever, speaking on Intergenerational justice. 'We are a generation without the hope of those over 40.' There was also an evident need for pressure on large companies and governments to step up their fight against climate change. CO2 emissions will have reached their global endgame by 2030, unless we do some major policy revisions and change our practice.

Another point was the importance of including marginalised groups in discussions - be they about an extension of airports or industrial or business developments.

However, the clearest message of the day was the inadequacy of political international and national climate change strategies currently being implemented.

In the collaborative spirit of the UN, Scotland’s Path to Climate Justice aimed at taking a small step towards a sustainable future in Scotland and the world. To achieve that, the attendees were reminded of the collective and individual responsibility we all have. As Claudia Beamish MSP concluded:

‘We need ideological and practical change. Let’s be builders and warriors!’

** An exciting update: Following the Conference on Climate Justice our Chair, Claudia Beamish, 'having been inspired by our conference,' is going to push for 0% emissions by 2040 in Scottish Parliament.

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