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Justice for George Floyd

In light of the recent, traumatic events that have occurred in the United States, it is our duty as UNHS Scotland to use our platform for change. Through our work, UNHS practices the values of the United Nations; an organisation that ensures that peace, dignity and equality are maintained internationally. The key word here is equality.

We must realise that racism not only exists in the United States of America but within our own society. Globally, we have failed to recognise the division we have created, through false media, dehumanising stereotypes and dangerous ignorance. It is with urgency that this divide is eradicated. In 2020, this is still a matter of life and death.

When we step outside the home, it is our human right to be protected: protected by our government, protected by our police force and protected by our neighbours. We should never walk outside in fear or trepidation, but in safety and liberation. As a nation, we must walk together.

If you have a voice – use it to educate those around you.

If you seek equality – use this to practice anti-racism.

If you are protected in society – use your privilege to protect others.

Silence is not the answer to this conflict. We will not stand for racism. Instead, we stand unified as one race. One, human race. petition – Justice For George Floyd:

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