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2nd Meeting of States Parties in New York – Day 1

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Yesterday (Monday 27 November) was the start of the 2nd Meeting of States Parties (2MSP) of the TPNW.

Belgium will attend as an observer once again, alongside Norway and Germany.

100 states parties are attending as either having ratified the Treaty or have signed up (yet to ratify) or as Observers


There are also 122 NGOS attending some with 60 person delegations!

Melissa Parke ED of ICAN addressing the 2MSP of the TPNW

Two young supporters of the TPNW speaking about their visit to Japan highlighting the importance of the roles young people play in this fight

Melissa Parke opening a meeting on the effects of he Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing

Artwork and installations around the building that would draw young people's attention

Discussion with the state parties and heads of the TPNW

States Parties Meeting

The speaker is a survivor who was 3 years old when "little boy" hit Hiroshima


Message from Susi Snyder, Programme Coordinator of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

What a start to the week yesterday!  Across the globe ICAN partners and allies took action on social media and in the streets to send a message: this week nuclear disarmament is happening in New York.

And in New York we had an amazing campaigner meeting. More than 230 people came together from 34 countries in preparation for the second meeting of States Parties starting tomorrow. We heard all about what’s happened in the intersessional process, what’s on this week, the trends in nuclear weapon policies and, to top it off, an incredible panel of ICAN campaigners talking about the amazing work they’re doing.

We already got a great selection of photos, including from the fantastic impromptu rally in Central Park! You can download and share them widely using this link, with the PIN: 2023. Please remember to credit our photographer: ICAN | Darren Ornitz. And check in throughout the week as more photos come in from the different events! 

Tomorrow the MSP kicks off with a high level segment, including a statement from ICAN’s own Melissa Parke.  It will be webcast live from the UN, but we’re not sure exactly what time yet, so you can catch up on everything with MSP-TV (RSVP to get a reminder here).

Later in the day, States Parties will discuss why the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons is the basis for prohibition. They’ll review new research and hear from affected communities who are still coping with the harms caused by nuclear weapons. 

Our global day of action today set a great tone for the ahead. While the treaty meeting is happening in New York, the impact of the treaty is happening everywhere.  From the Pacific to the Steppe to the Great Basin, affected communities are heard and listened to in the conversation about victim assistance and environmental remediation. 

Thanks to everyone who took action on this global day setting us up for a great week ahead!

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