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A History Of UN House Scotland: Official Booklet

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

UN House Scotland is proud to share 'A History of UN House Scotland: Civil Society engagement with the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of the UN', a booklet produced by UNHS interns to spotlight the history, growth and development of UN House Scotland. The booklet aims to celebrate the work of everyone across the organisation and the positive impact being created in Scotland and beyond, as part of UN House Scotland's celebration of the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2023.

The booklet is a short guide, detailing the history behind UN House Scotland and experiences of those who have been central to UN House Scotland. It is written in the hope that there is relevance for other UNAs around the world many of whom may be considering establishing their own UN House or similar.

"We hope that for whatever reason you may be reading this, you are able to take away what we - as an organisation - have learned."

- Hana Shono, Convenor

A special thank you to the team involved in the creation of this booklet, including writer Hana Shono.

The booklet is available to download by clicking the link below:

A History of UN House Scotland May 2023
Download PDF • 7.00MB

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