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Partner Of The Month: Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland!

UN House Scotland is proud to work alongside fellow organisations across Scotland and beyond who work to share the values of the UN within their communities. In our new digital series, each month we will be sharing our 'Partner Of The Month', with the aim to spotlight the work being done across Scotland to uplift communities.

Each collaborative partner we work with uniquely impacts their community, and this new series is dedicated to raising awareness of the phenomenal organisations currently active across Scotland and beyond.

June's Partner Of The Month is Soroptimist International, an organisation which aims to educate women and girls so they can experience economic empowerment.

"Rooted in the vision that women and girls will achieve their individual and collective potential, SI’s advocacy work and on-the-ground projects seek to drive the realisation of these aspirations and ensure that women and girls have an equal voice in creating strong and peaceful communities, now and in the future."

To learn more about their work, read their latest Edinburgh update below:

SIEnna 216 April 2023
Download PDF • 2.03MB

To learn more about Soroptimist International's values and mission, click here.

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