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People Seeking Asylum Are Living On £1.17 A Day - Will You Help This Winter?

Our 2022 Winter Refugee Appeal is raising funds to provide urgent humanitarian aid to refugee families, children, babies, lone women and men — including torture survivors and those fleeing wars and persecution — who are practically destitute in hotels across the UK.

Photograph sourced: 2022 Winter Refugee Appeal, Positive Action In Housing

Times are tough for so many right now. Therefore, we appreciate any donation you can give today. If you have donated to previous appeals, thank you. Your contribution has changed people's lives.

How will we use your donation?

  • Every penny raised will provide direct aid. All donations will directly assist those who have fled war and persecution in their own countries, leaving behind loved ones, friends and everything they know.

  • During this freezing weather, our teams will deliver humanitarian aid to hundreds of families. We expect greater demand from the elderly, pregnant women, families and the sick.

  • We will provide food and clothes vouchers, shelter in the homes of our volunteers, energy grants, phone top-ups, bus tokens and hygiene packs.

  • In addition, our Lifeline Service will identify those needing proactive advice, information and breathing space to help refugees rebuild their lives. Our approach has produced life-transforming outcomes.

Photograph sourced: 2022 Winter Refugee Appeal, Positive Action In Housing

Why your help is needed

  • The asylum system is causing misery. Many would-be refugees are instead being "fast-tracked into poverty".

  • The backlog of people waiting for an initial decision in the UK has reached over 122K, with hundreds waiting over five years.

  • Thousands of able, skilled refugees are banned from contributing to the workforce. People must depend on the Home Office and its contractors for housing and support.

  • Asylum seekers receive less than £6 daily for all their basic needs. Those in hotels receive only £1.17 a day. Rising food and energy prices have made life more difficult.

  • The bureaucratic indifference, delays and unsuitable accommodation have left many with deteriorating mental and physical health.

  • The controversial "Rwanda policy" has made people more fearful of the Home Office and its accommodation contractors, for fear it affects their asylum claim.

Other ways to give

  • Post a cheque payable to Positive Action in Housing Ltd to Winter Appeal, Positive Action in Housing, 98 West George Street Glasgow G2 1PJ.

  • Set up a regular donation (standing order) via internet banking to Positive Action in Housing Ltd (SC027577).

  • Donate online via CAF, JustGiving or PayPal

  • Companies or small businesses wishing to donate on receipt of an invoice, please email us here

  • For other ways to donate, visit this page.

Donations can be made here.

Photograph sourced: 2022 Winter Refugee Appeal, Positive Action In Housing

About Us

Positive Action in Housing is a homelessness and human rights charity assisting BME, refugee and migrant communities to rebuild their lives.

Each year, we provide casework, representation and emergency crisis support to hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers and certain vulnerable migrants forced to live in a state of extreme impoverishment.

In 2021/22, we assisted 1,737 destitute refugees and asylum seeker families, children, women and men.

Since 2002, our pioneering Room for Refugees Programme has sheltered over 4,000 refugees from countries including Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine and Yemen.

Since March 2022, we have arranged 400 hosted placements for Ukrainian war refugees. We distribute hundreds of emergency crisis payments annually to those in greatest need. All with one aim, to help people to overcome a crisis and rebuild their lives.

Visit our website to see our latest annual impact report. To give suggestions or feedback, email

Can you join us as a volunteer? Then fill in the online form at

Further information about the 2022 Winter Refugee Appeal for Positive Action In Housing can be found here.

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