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Report: Scotland the Sustainable Development Goals

Report by the Scottish Government

Please find below the link to a much-awaited report released by the Scottish Government on 'Scotland and the Sustainable Development Goals - a national review to drive action'.

Background on the Report

'This landmark report details the progress Scotland was making on sustainable development before the pandemic. While Scotland is making good progress, it highlights several gaps and suggests how we can move forward. Now in the context of Covid-19, the review sets the backdrop for the green and just recovery Scotland needs. An article on the publication can be found on Third Force News.

It follows almost two years of collaboration between the network and the Scottish Government, with conversations to secure a standalone national review for Scotland having begun in the autumn of 2018. Our recent letter highlighted the complexity and challenges of the partnership between the network and government in developing this review. Despite this, the report's publication, although later than planned, is a testament to these collaborative efforts.'

- Paul Bradley, SCVO

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