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Talk about Yemen and UK's involvement

On Thursday 15 April from 6pm to 7pm, UNA London and South East Region Yemen Campaign Coordinator Paul Tippell will give a talk to UNA Edinburgh via Zoom.

He will talk about the current situation in Yemen and how the UK is contributing to the World's Greatest Humanitarian Catastrophe.

There will be time for Q&A and a wider discussion following the talk. A biography about Paul can be found below.

Here is the Zoom Link for the event.

About Paul Tippell

Paul Tippell is the UNA London and South East Region Yemen Campaign Coordinator. He attends UNA Branch meetings to explain about the crisis in Yemen and engage members, like-minded individuals and groups in campaigning including letter writing and direct lobbying of MPs. Paul has worked closely with the Yemen All Party Parliamentary Group and initiated 2 (and supported a 3rd) cross-party MP letters to the Foreign Secretary on Yemen. With UNA members he has secured nearly half of MP signatures for these letters. He previously led an 8-year local campaign against the arms trade, which mainly focused on the local MP Vince Cable, Business Secretary in the coalition Government and responsible for signing off £5b of arms export licences to Saudi Arabia including a licence for unlimited quantities of precision guided bombs.

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