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PeaceBuilders: Facilitator Training for Primary Schools Event

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Running since 2015, this Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre project works with schools teaching children how to take care of conflict constructively and to work together cooperatively, and with teachers to develop a culture of peace and listening. The project trains facilitators to teach peace-building skills to primary school children. Would you like to train as a facilitator? If the project sounds interesting and you'd like to get more involved, come to the training on Sunday 22 September at 5pm.

This training will include:

  • An initial exposure to the PeaceBuilders model

  • Practical grounding in facilitating learning through cooperative games

  • A chance to meet and learn with experienced facilitators

  • An entry-way into the full PeaceBuilders training programme leading to working as a Facilitator in schools.

Cost:​ £30 (or pay what you can). This fee can be reclaimed if you continue as a trainee facilitator in schools as part of the follow-up 8 week training programme. Travel expenses available.

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