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Green Court: The 'Spaceport' Case Report Now Available

The second UNHS Green Court event took place on Monday 26th August 2019, in the Moot Courtroom at Old College, University of Edinburgh. Arguments were heard in opposition to and in support of a real-life planning proposal to construct the UK’s first rocket-launching facility - to be known as 'Spaceport One' - on Scolpaig Farm in North Uist.

Our report on the event is now available to download here. It details the arguments presented on the day, the judgement and the discussion and questions of the audience.

Report cover

The proceedings of this second instalment of the Green Court revealed the complexity of integrating human rights and environmental legal arguments, particularly through the need for the law to balance the protection of human rights with the social, political and economic wellbeing of a country. The event also raised the issue of how Brexit will impact on the protection of the environment in Scotland and the United Kingdom, with many of our legal frameworks originating in Europe.

The real-life case upon which the Green Court case was based is ongoing and its conclusions remain to be seen. We hope that the legal arguments, challenges and ideas discussed at the event may be used in other such cases, and to inspire further exploration of issues such as the rights of a community to consult on planning matters, and defend the natural environment where it is threatened by the pursuit of development.

In preparation for the upcoming COP26 in Glasgow, we will be planning another Green Court event in the near future. If you would like to participate, please contact Luke Padfield, Human Rights and Green Court coordinator at UN House Scotland, at

Thank you to all who attended and supported this event.

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