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COVID-19 and Migration

Image taken from UN Website:

While it is without doubt that this global pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives, the effects of COVID-19 are being greatly exacerbated by underlying and unaddressed issues which face us as a local, national, and international society. These challenges, such as the continued plight of migrants and refugees across the world, are not only worsened by the coronavirus but are also increasingly overlooked by the media and our political representatives.

Here are some really interesting articles from the last couple of months which focus on the current crisis from a perspective we are not immediately exposed to by mainstream media outlets and are really worth taking a look at.

UN outlets

Treat migrants with dignity and respect during pandemic: UN migration agency

Migrants among most vulnerable, as IOM ramps up coronavirus response worldwide

UN rights office concerned over migrant boat pushbacks in the Mediterranean


US expelling hundreds of child migrants, citing coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus cases among refugees on Lesbos spark fresh calls for evacuation

Can COVID-19 positively change perceptions on migration?

Greece: First cases of coronavirus among migrants on Lesbos

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