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Mitigating the Risks of Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees: Roundtable Resources

On 21st February 2023 the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Cross Party Group helped in supporting the 'Mitigating the Risks of Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees' roundtable. The hybrid event was hosted from the Scottish Government, with virtual speakers and observers watching live online.

Four keynote speakers provided presentations on the work of their respective organisations, followed by a questions and answers session opened to speakers at the end.

Attached below are the Parliamentary One Pager (POP) and Briefing Paper (BP) produced for the roundtable event. They include critical information which informed the discussion that took place, and act as a toolkit to learn about the current risks presented to Ukrainian refugees.

Parliamentary One Pager
Download DOCX • 12KB

Briefing Paper
Download DOCX • 13KB

To learn more about the work of UN House Scotland's Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery team, click here.

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