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One month to fund climate education

Hello and Happy New Year!

We've launched a Crowdfunder!

Help us achieve our aims and fund our work in 2022 by donating to our new Crowdfunder!

In 2022 we hope to achieve more than ever. With our Climate Education Bill in Parliament for its second reading in January, there's no denying, we're making waves! But we just need a little help to keep up our momentum: enter our new fundraising page.

What will the money raised be going towards?

Student Staff

Our campaign is volunteer-led and made up of young people from all over the UK. But in order to combat our big workload and keep our campaign moving, we need to take on three part time student staff roles: one for each nation to coordinate our campaign. We are recruiting these roles from within our campaign so will be hiring three young people who are already volunteers and know our campaign inside out!

New Research

Our past research has been integral to our campaign. We've surveyed students and teachers from across the UK, finding that only 4% of students feel they know enough about the climate crisis and that 70% of teachers feel that they haven't received adequate training to teach their students about climate change. In 2022, we hope to conduct a new set of research to help us keep our campaign present and connect with teachers and students from across the UK.

Climate Education Bill Press

In November, our Climate Education Bill (the first ever student-written bill to enter Parliament!) was tabled in the House of Commons by MP Nadia Whittome (see the highlights here). In January, it will be back in Parliament again, this time for its second reading. This is a massive step for us! We want as many people as possible to know about it. However, we need some financial support to fund the press and communications around the Bill, this includes ensuring that it gets into the papers, makes the headlines and reaches lots of people!

You could be part of helping us get Climate Education into the UK curriculum, ensuring all young people receive the education they deserve.

Donate here today to make this possible!

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