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Partner Of The Month: Survivors Of Human Trafficking In Scotland!

UN House Scotland is proud to work alongside fellow organisations across Scotland and beyond who work to share the values of the UN within their communities. In our new digital series, each month we will be sharing our 'Partner Of The Month', with the aim to spotlight the work being done across Scotland to uplift communities.

Each collaborative partner we work with uniquely impacts their community, and this new series is dedicated to raising awareness of the phenomenal organisations currently active across Scotland and beyond.

July's Partner Of The Month is Survivors of Human Trafficking In Scotland (SOHTIS), an organisation which aims to teach communities about the dangers of human trafficking and bring an end to modern slavery.

"SOHTIS is led by an experienced and multi-disciplinary Board of Trustees who are provided with additional support and guidance from an Advisory Committee. They are a ‘hands on’ group who get involved in all aspects of our work enriching and encouraging us every step of the way."

SOHTIS has been a key supporter of the UNHS Human Trafficking Team, including during their February 2023 roundtable titled 'Roundtable on Mitigating the Risks of Human Trafficking Among Ukrainian Refugees -- Finding Best Practice and Policy to Safeguard Refugees in Scotland'. The reflections from the event can be found here.

To learn more about SOHTIS's values and mission, click here.

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